Regenerative Therapy

acti-stem therapy

Actistem therapy is a safe treatment option that uses your pets own stem cells to trigger and enhance healing, naturally. It can be used to treat pets suffering from osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, hip dysplasia, and more.

Stem Cells are found circulating through the body and stored in tissue. When an injury occurs, the body signals for stem cells to activate and move to the injured site. Once activated, they transform and can become muscle, blood, fat, bone, cartilage, heart or nerve cells.

How ActiStem works is that Dr. Bright extracts a concentrated amount of stem cells from your pet’s fat. She then activates the stem cells using the ActiStem procedure and then injects the stem cells directly into the area of the body that needs the healing. This accelerates and improves what the body was already doing naturally but enhances the speed.

Stem cells work immediately to reduce pain and swelling. Then they transform into the cells needed for repair. Similar to when you scrape the skin off your knee stem cells will naturally travel there and turn into the new skin needed. In arthritic joints they can regenerate and repair damaged cartilage and tendons. This allows a pet to regain more normal movement.

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